“In 1921, early suffragettes often donned a bathing suit and ate pizza in large groups to annoy men…it was a custom at the time.”


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Periods, you no longer impress me. I am bleeding from my nethers, WHATEVER. Try something new, uterus. You make chocolate pudding instead of blood, then we’ll talk.

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

yeah this is actually how it goes

Every couple months, this comic has a renaissance on tumblr and I think by this point, in the year since I’ve made it, I’ve learned about every period every tumblr user has ever had.

Would you say it resurfaces


get out

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women are more likely than men to develop a mental illness but you rarely hear about women going on shooting sprees because men won’t be with us or love us or fuck us, bottom line, if you’re willing to relate mental illness and mass murder while also refusing to relate misogyny to women dying at the hands of men, then bye bye no time for you 

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“Black Crime =Gang Violence. Arab Crime = Terrorism. Hispanic Crime = Illegal immigration. White Crime = No crime, he was just insane.”


here we go again. white kid carries out plan to murder people and already the mainstream media is going through with the “he was disturbed,” “he was mentally ill” and “he was insane” spin on the story. gotta protect that image of white purity and innocence no matter what.

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Men’s Issues
  • Societal expectations of masculinity
  • Societal expectations to provide for women
  • No long term reversible male birth control
  • Men who are raped are more likely to remain silent and be dismissed or outright laughed at 
  • Unfair treatment in child custody battles
  • Alimony 
  • No support for male victims of domestic abuse

Not men’s issues

  • The friend zone
  • Women not dating you
  • “Fucking femnazis”

((Actually there is a reversible long term male birth control!
Hopefully it will be on the market by 2015!))

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“White terrorism is always blamed on guns, mental health- never poisonous ideology”




eliot stabler laying down the law for women’s rights to their own bodies

I love Ice Cube’s face, he’s just like, “What the fuck is this guy on?”

"Ice Cube"….

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A girl who’s normally very passive and quiet lashes out at a boy for making a gross comment. She’s more aggressive than usual today.
“Is it your time of the month?” He asks with a smirk
But he’s right. It is her time of the month. The full moon peeks from behind the clouds and she transforms into a werewolf and devours the boy whole

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Reasons to get a Pet by Jessie Doodles [tumblr]

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